Caravan Camping Just Got a Little Bit Greener

To be honest, you can’t really get much greener than camping, when it comes to taking a holiday. You’ll likely be travelling to a local spot, which means that you won’t be flying to your destination. And you’ll be spending your time in the great outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the splendour of nature. But are their ways of going greener? With a little care and consideration, can you make your trip to the great outdoors, even less impactful on the environment? Let’s find out!

1 – If possible, take one car

The fact that you’re staying in a caravan means that you’re not going to be taking a huge amount of equipment. So, if you can avoid it, you and your friends shouldn’t all come down individually. Band together instead and fit all of your bits into the one car. If you’re a little tight for space, then borrow a roof rack off a friend. Between you all, you’re bound to know someone.

2 – Go vegan (for the trip)

You don’t have to go vegan all together. We appreciate how much of an ask that is, given how incredible cheese and steak is. However, if you’re on an ultra-green adventure, then there are some delicious vegan camping recipes for you to choose from!

3 – Solar powered equipment

Get rid of your battery powered equipment and bust out your solar powered alternatives. You can have them charging up in the sunshine during the day, filled with enough power to see you straight through till daylight once more. This is the greenest option, and you’ll be amazed by the quality of the light!

4 – Non-toxic

Anything that you use in the way of bug-repellent or sun lotion should be non-toxic. Make a point of this when preparing for your journey, because the last thing you want on a “green camping” trip, is ultra-toxic shower gel when you’re bathing in the lake!

5 – Reusable water bottles

There’s no reason not to bring your own reusable water bottles. Most camping caravan sites will have a water mains where you can fill up your bulk water supply. Don’t bring any disposable plastics. If you do, make sure that you’re taking everything with you and disposing of it appropriately.

6 – Borrow what you can, recycle what you can’t

Try to borrow as much gear as you can! And for items that you can’t get hold of, make sure that you either buy used, or recycled. For example, a recycled caravan camping mat might be tricky to borrow but will be invaluable with creating a little outdoors area for your campsite. If you’re not sure on where to find them, you should look up a reputable camping supplier such as Affordable Camping Mats.

7 – Leave no trash left behind

Under no circumstance should you leave any trash behind. All you should be leaving are footprints, and the only things that you need to take with you are great memories and beautiful photographs. Other than that, leave your environment in the condition in which you found it. That is the essence of green camping!



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