Why Your Temp Crew are the Most Important Part of Your Event

Yes, it’s very important to select the best venue. Yes, you’re going to need an awesome caterer. Of course, you’ll want to hire some high-quality entertainment. However, there’s nothing more important than the backbone of your event: the crew. In this article, we’re going to look at why they’re so important, and why it’s worth spending a little more time and effort in finding the best possible workers!

event 1 – Without them you’re on your own

As an event organiser, you’ll already be all too aware of just how much work is involved! Imagine how much harder it would be setting up an event and running it by yourself. In fact, it would be impossible. So, this is why we believe in recognising just how valuable event staff actually are.

2 – They represent you with passion

If you hire a team through a company like First Class Crew, you’ll have an experienced team of talented individuals who are not only happy to represent you with passion but obliged to. They will have gone through a thorough and rigorous recruitment process to ensure that then representing their recruitment agency, they’ll do so with pride. And of course, this means that they will work extra hard for you and do so with the highest level of professionalism.

3 – They’re the cogs which keep the wheel turning

Collecting glasses, serving drinks, bringing guests their food, stamping tickets, arranging the AV equipment, MC’ing, entertaining the guests, meeting and greeting. There are so many little cogs in the machine which are required to keep the wheel turning.

4 – They’re experienced

Particularly if you go through an agency, you’ll be getting experienced individuals to help you. This is exactly what you want went hiring temp staff for an event: people that you know you can rely on to get the job done effectively and without a fuss.

staff event

5 – They put smiles on faces

Another huge benefit of having an experienced team working with you is that they generally love what they do. Anyone in events is going to be passionate about working with people and this is important when creating the ultimate guest experience. You want employees which can effortlessly put smiles on faces, and love doing it as well!

6 – They know the venue

In most cases, when hiring through a temp event staffing agency, you’ll be working with people who already know the venue from experience. So, if it’s your first time there, you can rely on all of your employees to know exactly where everything is, and how best to utilise the space.

If you’re planning an event an you’re in need of some temp event staff to assist you, then you need to find a reputable staffing agency to assist you. This is the most important thing of all! Find a quality crew, and the rest will come together effortlessly.

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