5 Ways in Which We Threaten Biodiversity and What We Can Do to Help Preserve It

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Biodiversity is essential for our quality of life, but the continuation of life in general. It is the balance of all living things in our world and something which we tend to neglect, for the most part. In this post, we are going to explore some of thing things which impact biodiversity the most, and what we can do to help alleviate some of the damage that we have caused over the years.

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1 – Climate Change

Climate change is a subject which not everyone agrees on, though something which is very real all the same. Our planet has gone through many weather changes in the past, some more drastic than others, though each of which has had a massive effect on all life. However, humanity has had a huge impact on the world’s climate which has, in turn, had an effect on the ocean’s temperatures, the Arctic ice and much of the oceans marine biodiversity in general.

These changes have forced many species to adapt, though, for those that can’t, it’s very much the end of the line. But what can we do? Globally, we could do a lot, though since we only have control over ourselves, there is much that you can do as an individual. Reducing your carbon footprint is the first step!

2 – Deforestation

Everybody loves a nice coffee table, though unless it was made using wood from a sustainable plantation, then its likely that your coffee table has contributed towards deforestation and habitat loss. Regions like the Amazon rainforest are home to an incredibly high percentage of species, and yet we are destroying their habitats at an alarming pace.

But what can be done? It’s certainly not too far gone, though a lot of damage has certainly been done. The only way that we can combat this is by forcing companies to adopt the best possible practices when it comes to harvesting wood. Which means, they need to be replanting several times more than what they’re cutting down – and boycotting companies who make their products using wood from unsustainable resources.

3 – Unnecessary Exploitation

Hunting, fishing, and harvesting are in many cases essential, however, there is such a thing as overdoing it. There need to be stricter policies in place and more awareness being raised regarding biodiversity in key areas, particularly those that see a large amount of poaching.