How To Maintain Your Own Pool

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A pool can be a nice little touch in your backyard. In fact, having a pool in your house is a well-known factor that increases the overall value of your property. Not only that, but a swimming pool becomes your very own place where you can relax and chill after having a tough day at work. One can even have pool parties as it’s certainly one item in your house that is loved and adored by you and your family. However, a pool needs to be maintained on a regular basis otherwise it can get damaged. Here are some of the ways through which you can maintain your pool.

The Role of your Pool Pump

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A pool pump might be the single most important factor that helps in maintaining your pool. The basic role of a pool pump is that it pushes water through a filtration system and then goes to the pool. The filtration system basically removes any sort of debris or dirt from the water. The water once free from all sorts of debris goes to inside the swimming pool. As one can imagine, the only way you can have a cleaner pool is through a functioning pool pump. If by chance your pump gets damaged, your entire pool basically becomes useless.

As soon as you feel that you’re seeing some debris in your pool, then you need to get your pool pump repaired before further damage occurs.

The Role of Filters

The filtration system is the second most important part of a well functional swimming pool. As mentioned earlier, the basic role of a filtration system is to take off any undissolved substance in the water. A major portion of such undissolved substance include debris which can totally ruin a pool. A filtration system has numerous kinds of filters, normally sand and cartridge filters are used to keep the pool clean. Secondly, maintenance is required for the filtration system to keep its performance up to par. One needs to look at whether the filter requires a replacement, the easiest way to do that is to look at the water quality. If you find traces of debris, then you got to call a specialist who can take care of the rest.

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A Balance in the PH of a Pool

This is an important factor that plays a role in the overall quality of water in your pool. A balanced PH means that the water quality is apt for swimming. PH is basically a parameter which measures acid and base in a liquid. The recommended PH for a pool is 7.5% which means that the chlorine that is present in the water will remain active at 50-60% which is a good number. A higher PH will not be viable as the chlorine won’t be active enough.

If you’re still looking to get your pool pump repaired or if you see any of the above signs then you will need to hire a professional to help you.

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