Don’t Tree Maintenace Leave it too late

A competent tree surgeon is a necessary contact to have for any home owner with large trees on their property. It’s one of those tasks which seems easy enough to tackle until the reality of actually climbing a tree hits home. It can be a dangerous job, and here’s no doubt it’s a tough one too.

Most tree surgeons tend to be in good physical condition. The nature of the work demands a level of fitness that most of us don’t appreciate until we actually try to do the task ourselves. Add to that the specialist equipment required, the expertise needed to carry out the safely and efficiently, and we soon learn that it’s best to leave this kind of work to the professionals.

Overgrown Trees Can Be A Massive hazard

If you do have a problem with overgrown trees on your property it’s a good idea to deal with the problem sooner rather than later. By the time you’ve noticed it chances are it’s already become a potential hazard.

A professional tree surgeon can spot problems well before they get out of hand, and with their guidance and tree cutting skills can help prevent the problem from developing. But most of us are unaware of the dangers until there’s an encroachment on a building or a pathway becomes blocked.

Large trees are a powerful force of nature. They will, through time, wreak havoc on walls, roofs, pathways and fencing. Trees can also have a negative effect on a home’s foundations. This can go unnoticed for years until irreparable damage is done.

Get to the Root of The Problem

Tree roots can spread from tens of meters away from the source, and what may seem like a safe distance from a home can in fact be dangerously close.

It is prudent to seek advice from a tree specialist at least once to establish whether or not your property is at risk from surrounding tree roots. The costs of not being aware of such problems can be surprisingly high.

If a property’s foundations are sufficiently damaged the entire structure may be at risk and restorative construction work can run into many thousands of dollars. Also, insurance companies can be reluctant to offer compensation to homeowners who didn’t assess the problem earlier.

Unlike other natural disasters, tree root encroachment is viewed as being wholly avoidable and within the power of the property owner to prevent.

Hire A Professional Tree Surgeon

There are many companies which can offer advice and guidance on potential tree problems. Businesses like Lakeside Trees and Stumps which operates throughout Western Australia are happy to discuss any concerns a homeowner may have regarding tree hazards.

It is advisable to contact a reputable company with industry registered accreditation and public liability insurance. Most are willing to provide basic information regarding the likelihood of hazards arising. And most will be happy to provide a free quote for any work which may be necessary to alleviate the problem.

Most hazards are easily treated before serious problems develop. However, it is important to recognise a hazard as soon as possible. The cost of early treatment is almost always minimum, but the consequences of allowing the issue to grow could be very expensive indeed.