The 4 Main Reasons to Choose Natural Turf Every time


Summer is a wonderful time to be out in the garden! The sun is shining brightly in the sky, everyone is smiling, you’re working on that tan of yours and the beers are on the ice. What a perfect time to be enjoying some quality time in your garden, with your loved ones. Why not fire up the BBQ and get some great food on the go? It’s Summer, after all, so you should take full advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts.

That being said, is your garden looking a little worse for wear at the moment? Perhaps the grass in your garden area has grown a little wild or that it’s dying and patchy in areas? Whatever the case, you needn’t worry about re-seeding when instead you can simply turf your garden instead. It’s quick, easy and they are many benefits which go with it! In this post we’re going to explore a few of them:

1 – Environmentally Friendly

Rather than digging up your garden and replacing it with extended decking or laying down some bricks – replacing it with natural turf is the best option, particularly when it comes to the environment. Grass naturally absorbs carbon dioxide which is obviously a great contribution to reducing the impact of global warming, and it also creates plenty of clean and healthy oxygen for you and your family.

2 – A Cooler Surface for Playing

As you’re all too aware, Australia gets incredibly hot at times! To the point where you can’t even walk out onto your decking without flip flops on, otherwise, you’ll burn. The benefit of having natural turf, on the other hand, is that it creates a naturally cool surface to walk on. So, if your kids are out playing in the garden during the hotter months, you know that their feet are safe! Just be sure to slather them in plenty of sun-lotion!

3 – It Looks Great

Everybody loves the look of freshly cut grass, not to mention the natural aromas! Grass just looks far better in a garden, simple as that. Yes, a nice decking area can really transform a garden, though you have to leave room for a bit of green.

4 – Health Benefits

Again, not only do large areas of grass produce plenty of oxygen and purify the air around you, but there are also some other health benefits as well. For example, the topsoil and the grass itself is a breeding ground for many beneficial microorganisms. Studies have shown that children playing in grass and mud are essential for bolstering their immune system – so, rather than having them roll around in artificial turf or on the concrete, allow them to get amongst it!

Of course, there are more than 4 benefits of choosing natural turf, however, these are the main 4 which should be reason enough for you to consider the change. If you’re looking for more information or some great visual examples, head over to A View Turf.