Knowing How to Choose High Quality Jewellery 

dimond ring

Jewellery is quite a unique thing to purchase; it can be a well planned and carefully researched venture, conversely it can be spontaneous and passionate or truly a personal and emotional item bought to commemorate an occasion or life event.  One thing this range of reasons share is that what you buy should be worth your money, probably more so than a lot of other aspects of life.  Afterall it probably won’t be the end of the world if your kitchen knives are branded or not, you’ll still manage to cut food, but if you have paid for a high quality item of jewellery then you should ensure you get it.

jewerlyBrand awareness

Brand names might not always be a good benchmark for quality, in fact there are many examples where it is the exact opposite.  Many famous brands of medication are virtually identical to supermarket own brands and yet can be priced at seven or eight times the price, simply because of the brand name attached to it.  Jewellery is a bit different; most of the time, the known brands are known because they are a recognised mark of quality.  All of their products will be properly hallmarked, documented and the quality of the metals and stones used will reflect the price point appropriately.  Whilst not impossible, there are very few times when an unbranded jewellery item will hold a low price and the quality you desire.

Understand what you are buying

Jewellery is often all about the final appearance, as such you should be aware that there isn’t really anything natural about the items you see in shop windows.  All but the most expensive items contain gemstones that have been modified to improve their colour, usually by either coloured glass injection or irradiation, and metals are almost never pure.  If you are looking at buying expensive jewellery, ask to see the specifications for the items involved and never feel as though you can’t challenge the jeweller to an independent verification if you feel the need.

diamondDon’t settle for less

If you are planning on spending a reasonably large sum of money on a dream piece of jewellery, then make sure that is what you do.  Do not feel as though you have to settle for what you see in shop windows, as the items there are usually mass produced to minimise production costs and maximise profits.  There is nothing to say that you cannot find yourself a beautiful handmade jewellery store and work with a skilled expert to design your own item from scratch, resulting in the perfect item of jewellery that you can find nowhere else.

Buying jewellery is truly one of those times when caution and research are going to be your best friends; make sure you fully understand what you are agreeing to before you exchange any money and remember that you don’t have to settle – the perfect item of jewellery is out there waiting for you.