Rubber Flooring – Its Benefits and Commercial Applications

rubber floor

While rubber floor mats are fast becoming popular in the commercial & home environment, they’re an alternative which often gets overlooked. Rubber flooring brings a lot to the table with a host of unique benefits, especially for areas which are prone to spillages, heavy usage and high levels of general wear and tear.

Some people believe that rubber flooring is difficult to maintain and unnecessarily expensive when in actuality, this is simply not the case. Rubber flooring is in fact, highly versatile and is a viable option in many cases. No, rubber flooring is not the cheapest, though there is plenty of long-term value, provided that you maintain it will and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

So, what is it about rubber flooring which makes it so unique?

Well, for one rubber provides a natural durability, sound proofing, static resistance, and rubber is highly resilient, unlike other materials. This low-maintenance solution is ideal for a number of different applications, for example, healthcare facilities, offices, retail stores, and industrial scenarios.

But, what are the advantages?

Comfort & Resilience

Rubber flooring mats are ideally situated in areas where people are required to stand for extended period of time. The natural cushioning from the rubber helps significantly to reduce strain on the foot and ankle and cuts down fatigue. It also cuts out any static so there are no build ups, which is why they’re a great choice in restaurant kitchens or bar areas. It allows people to move swiftly on their feet without fear of slipping up, whilst offering ample support for their joints.

floor rubber


The beauty of rubber flooring mats is that they’re easily re-used to a wealth of different things. You can’t throw away a rubber mat when it can be used for so much, for example, it can be recycled as playground surfacing, landscaping or even diced up into rubber crumb for athletic fields and astro-turf areas. Simply put, rubber flooring is the green, eco-friendly option!

Low Maintenance

Again, in places like bar areas and kitchens, rubber flooring is in high demand due to the face that it is resilient, comfortable underfoot and offers significant slip resistance. But it’s not just about the comfort factor, it’s also very easy to maintain. Simply sweep and mop after a shift and it will be looking good as new! In the commercial setting, facility managers and architects alike, absolutely love working with rubber flooring due to its versatility in terms of design, and its environmentally friendly implications.