Sensible Steps and Considerations to Planning your Kitchen Remodel 

kitchen remodeling

When you hear people discussing remodelling, it can sound like an insurmountable task.  The idea of completely removing everything within a room, sometimes leaving just the brickwork behind, and rebuilding it from the ground up should sound tough, it is a lot of work. However, if done properly the results of a remodel can be truly fantastic, leaving you with the room you’ve always wanted, designed specifically for you, your tastes and your needs.  Such a positive outcome makes all of the hard work worth it, so long as you get it right, and if you are not sure, then don’t risk it; contact a professional kitchen remodelling company such as Kitchen Essence to ensure the job is done properly.

If you are certain you have the skills and dedication it’s going to require to see this project through to completion, then there are plenty of considerations you need to make.  Just remember that if at any point you find yourself in over your head, then you can always stop where you are and call in the experts to help you finish things off.

Set your budget


Before beginning any sizable project, setting a budget is vitally important.  This doesn’t mean pick how much you want to spend and then hope you stay within that number, for this you need to decide how much you can afford and then try and plan accordingly.  Don’t much any money down until you are sure that you can achieve everything for your money, and if it doesn’t look like you are going to be able to then you are going to need to scale back your plans somehow.  Also ensure you leave around eight to ten percent of your budget unassigned for unexpected expenditures that you just won’t be able to predict.  This gives you plenty of leeway in case you hit problems, and it saves budgeting every pack of screws.

Do your research

There is no point in having wonderful plans if you have no idea of how to bring them to fruition.  Start by making a rough list of things you would like in your kitchen and then set about researching each one of these.  This should include a visit to local showrooms and plenty of searching online to make sure that you fully understand the requirements, specifications and costs of every item you want.  Make comparisons based on using one manufacturer compared to another, sometimes items like under counter units can vary dramatically in price for essentially the same item.  Once you have your research completed and a range of prices and options available to you, it is time to try and fit this into your budget and see how the two marry up.

Make a floor plan

kitchen renovation

Practically speaking this isn’t completely necessary, but it will definitely help you visualise how things will fit.  Try and draw a scale plan of your kitchen (graph paper makes this a lot easier) and then scale cut outs of anything you want to fit in and try laying things out on the paper.  This sounds like a lot of busy work but it can help you find unexpected mistakes that you would otherwise only notice when you had paid for units and were trying to fit them.  A good example of this is that you should not assume that your under counter units will always extend all the way to the wall.  Corner units especially might only reach so far to the side if they are to line up with other units fitted perpendicularly to them.  Make sure you check all the facts before settling on your design.

Don’t attempt to fit the countertops yourself

The single hardest thing to get right in a kitchen is the countertops as they require a special method of cutting and fixing to ensure they go together with a nice, professional join.  If you have never done this before, it is guaranteed that you will make mistakes and countertops are very expensive to experiment on.  You’re going to want you kitchen to have the best finish, and this is going to require the best kitchen makeover company in your area to help you with your countertops if nothing else.

kitchen remodeling

Don’t let all your hard work be undone at the last minute, make sure the finishing touches are done neatly and to the standard you expect; and once again, if you find that your have bitten off more than you can chew, there’s no shame in bringing in the professionals.  After all it’s the end result that matters.