Simple Steps to Get Yourself in Shape


Trying to get yourself in shape? One of your new year’s resolution to get that ripped six pack abs? No worries, in this article we will be listing the steps for you to undertake and getting that desired body of yours.

#1 Stop Procrastinating and Do It!

Procrastination is one of the most common enemies in getting your desired body shape. Why? Because it stops you from working out and only by working out you can get yourself in shape. Furthermore, it will soon convert your motivation to laziness. You’ll soon find yourself slouching on the couch watching television than putting in an effort to get yourself in shape. So the first step is to stop procrastinating and just do it!

#2 Healthy Diet

You must be thinking, how hard is it to eat healthily? Well, very… Can you stop drinking the numerous cup of coffee filled with sugar to the brim? Can you stop eating that favorite McDonald’s meal or any other fried and oily food? Yes, it’s that hard. No pain no gain, so start planning your diet and ensure that every meal is properly planned in order for you to get yourself in shape. The first few weeks will be the hardest, eventually, you will get used to it.

#3 Apply for Gym Memberships


Yes, you’re probably skeptical to get that monthly subscription membership at your neighborhood gym but only when you know you’re spending upfront then can you get yourself to the gym every now and then. Somehow it acts as a motivator in getting yourself to the gym. You don’t want to spend that monthly subscription fee for nothing right?

#4 Look for a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer will be able to personalize your training sets and to ensure that you are working out efficiently. No matter if you’re an endomorph or ectomorph, the personal trainer will be able to devise a workout plan that will suit your body type. A personal trainer will be able to make sure that you’ll be able to get the result fast from all your effort.


#5 Reward Yourself Every Now and Then

This does not mean that you reward yourself by going to a nearby fast food restaurant after every workout session. But probably every month, you can reward yourself by having your favorite meal once if there is a significant improvement. Reward yourself, working out does not mean making yourself feel miserable. Yes, most of the time you feel miserable but do things that can make yourself feel less miserable, alright?

#6 Think About the Good Things that Will Come After Getting Yourself in Shape

Think about all things good that will come after getting yourself in shape! You’ll be able to go to the beach without feeling embarrassed about your body. There are tons of other things that will come after getting yourself in shape *winks*.

Now that you know the steps to get yourself in shape, there are no more rooms for excuses not to get yourself in shape now. Get off that couch and get yourself in shape! You’ll probably feel better than just lazing at home.