Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas


A Bathroom is a place for waking yourself up in the morning and relaxing in the evening. It is one of the most important rooms in your house. Bathroom design can be challenging especially in small bathrooms. They need to be functional as well as stylish to make users feel relaxed. Everything has to be in a certain place so that it does not look tight and uncomfortable. Design is very important. If you are planning to improve your small traditional bathroom, here are some design ideas that can make your small bathroom look better.


1. Add More Mirrors

Mirrors are items that can change your bathrooms appearance. Add a mirror to one side wall or have a big one above the vanity to create reflections. Mirrors will reflect the light and create the illusion of a bigger room making the bathroom feel more spacious.

2. Spend on Vanity

A Vanity is one of the only furniture items you can put in your bathroom. Choose one that looks perfect and makes your bathroom stylish. Spend more on a good quality vanity because it has to withstand wet-conditions and humidity.

3. Remove the Bathtub

A bathtub takes up almost half of your bathroom space and makes your bathroom look even smaller. Instead of having one, change to a shower space. Most people rarely use a bathtub because it is not as convenient to use especially for the elderly. In fact, for them, they can prove to be dangerous.

bathroom sink

4. Use Smaller Sink

Buy a smaller sink and put it above a floating vanity. Using a floating vanity can open up the floor space. You can also use a floating toilet to make your bathroom floor more open.

5. Add Wall Shelving

If you want more storage, try to have wall shelving above your toilet or behind the mirror. Choose shelving that is narrow or lighter to make it look more open and less busy. You can also add utility towel bars and hooks on your bathroom door to save space.

6. Change to Pocket Door

A swing door can be another item that takes up a lot of space. You can shift to more space saving doors like pocket doors or sliding doors. To create a pocket door, you may need to make an opening in the wall, but it is worth doing to create more space.


7. Choose Light Tiles for the Walls

If you do not have space for bigger windows to bring more light in, have brighter walls. Dark walls make the feel room tight and look smaller. A lighter wall will reflect more light and makes the room brighter and bigger.

8. Add Stylish Tiles

To create more stylish bathrooms, you can choose interesting floor tiles such as marble in a variety of colours. It is better to keep a bright tone for small bathrooms but if you have big windows for the light to come in, feel free to go ahead with other colours.

toilet trend

9. Add Coloured Accessories

If you have a neutral or white coloured bathroom to make it look bigger, you may want to add some other colours to make it more exciting. Besides using multi-coloured tiles, you could also add colour to your boring bathroom with flowers or soap bottles. This way you can keep your bathroom bright and incorporate some fun colours into it at the same time

10. Keep It Tidy

Keeping everything on your countertops will make your bathroom untidy and it will feel more claustrophobic. Keep your makeup and any personal grooming items tidied away and replace them with scented items such as candles, fresh flowers, lotions or soaps.