The 5 Benefits of Engineered Stone Kitchen Worktops

engineered stone

When renovating your kitchen, finding the best material for your kitchen worktops is no simple task. You’ve got to weigh up a load of different factors from affordability, durability, and maintenance to name a few – not to mention the aesthetic appeal. In this post, however, we are going to explore some of the major benefits of using engineered stone kitchen worktops as an alternative to its natural stone counterparts.

Unlimited Styles, Colours, and Designs

The beauty of working with engineered stone is that it is man-made, which means its entirely customisable. This special type of worktop can be made in a large variety of different styles and designs, typically to match that of a desired natural stone. For example, you can have a kitchen worktop which looks almost identical to Marble, without having to pay the full price for it. 

Strong Chemical Resistance

Another one of the major benefits of using engineered stone worktops is the fact that they are highly resistant to acidic liquids and spillages in general. The high-quality resin blended with a host of other substances creates a non-porous material which is suitable for use in a kitchen environment – various dye mixtures are used throughout this process, which can be used to create a limitless range of textures, shadow styles, and designs, it’s all very much down to you and your desires.



Who loves cleaning? Very few people, so you’ll be pleased to know that engineered stone worktops require far less maintenance than other materials, for example, limestone or marble. Due to the non-porous nature of the composite stone, it doesn’t absorb any spillages like juice, oil or anything else which would invariably stain natural stone. Instead, these spillages can easily be wiped away with a clean towel. You can also use strong acidic cleaning solutions so that you can sterilise your kitchen without having to worry about doing any damage to the surface of your new kitchen countertops.

Low Cost – High-Quality

Regarding engineered stone kitchen worktops, they’re considerably cheaper than their natural stone counterparts. Many people worry that they won’t be getting the high-quality that they’d expect from a genuine marble or granite worktop, however, you needn’t worry at all. Yes, composite or engineered stone tops are different from natural stone and they may not feel as authentic, though there are many benefits which make it a worthwhile choice. The quality is irrefutable, it really just comes down to aesthetics. Many people take pride in having genuine marble or granite kitchen worktops which is understandable – but for those looking for high-quality and a much lower cost then engineered stone is the way forward for you.

For a better look at engineered stone compared to granite and marble, head over to Stone Solutions as they are a reputable supplier of both. You’ll be able to get a better look at the various options available to you and find some inspiration for your project.