Tips for Choosing Fishing Charters


Fishing is a relaxing and fun activity to do at the weekend. Many people go saltwater fishing but some prefer freshwater fishing. Whichever type you like, fishing charters are things which need careful consideration. Nobody wants to have a bad fishing experience. A good fishing boat, captain, and crew can make your fishing trip wonderful. Do some research before booking one. There are many fishing charters in Sydney out there for you to choose from. Read the following list for what you should know before making a decision on a fishing charter.



Know the Price

The price can indicate the quality of service, but not always. The price of a fishing charter can rate the level of a charter. Do not expect to have the best experience from the most expensive charter but look for the one that has ‘good reviews’ from its clients. Go on the Internet and join fishing groups to learn which charters have the most positive comments from their clients. A good charter does not mean one that can catch more fish, but one that can catch the target fish.

charter boat

Know Your Captain

The experience of the captain is another factor to look for when you are booking a fishing charter. Learn about the captain who is going to guide you on board. One who spends a lot of time in the ocean will know more about the water. Local captains can predict the water conditions, how the fish will behave and they know the currents better than anyone else. An experienced captain can make your trip more fun and memorable.

Know the Schedule

Different charters will use the time you spend on board very differently. Before booking any charter, ask them about their schedules. A good charter will tell you exactly what you are going to do and at what times, what time the boat starts, what time you are going to reach the destinations and what time you will be coming back. You do not want to spend more time cruising than catching fish.

Know the Fish

Different areas have different fish species. Make sure you know the area you are heading to and what kind of fish you are targeting. You can ask the charter about the area and location so you can do a bit of research about it. A good captain will provide you with a list of fish that you could catch in that area.


Know Fishing Methods

Reef fishing and deep-sea fishing require very different techniques. The captain of the charter has to be able to give you advice on how to fish. Also, you should ask them about the purpose of their fishing. Some charters kill every fish they catch while some release the fish and some let you decide which to keep. Make sure you know this, so you will not be disappointed on board.

Know the Boat

The boat matters; it can guarantee the quality of the trip. A bigger boat will be smoother and more comfortable. It will provide more space and greater stability. A smaller boat can make you easily feel dizzy or seasick in a strong tide because it will bounce around more with the current and the wind. Another important thing to look regarding the boat is its bathroom. A clean and comfortable bathroom should definitely impress you.


Know What You Have to Bring

Normally, a fishing charter will provide you with all the equipment for fishing but ask them what you should bring with you on the charter. Things you should always take on a fishing trip are sunglasses, sunblock, warm clothes, rain gear, towels and a cooler to take the fish home in.