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With the summer just around the corner, event planners and anyone tasked with organizing a party are to look for the best outdoor locations to host their special occasion. Once the location is set, the next step to furnish and decorate your venue, another task that’s often harder than it may first appear.

Many people looking to furnish outdoor events simply go to the local chair supplier, who often has nothing more than a few choices of standard plastic chairs, or luxury wedding chairs for rent.

But these options don’t suit every event or party, and those hoping to find something a bit more unique will most likely want to search further afield. Well, look no more!

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Unique Event Furniture   

Nothing complements the picturesque outdoor Australian scenery quite like rustic, traditional hand-made furniture, so if your event is outdoors, why not check out the awesome designs?

Boasting a natural, yet contemporary appearance, all products on offer at Outkast Hire are made from 100% timber, so not only are the items environmentally friendly, they are also made from sturdy, high-quality hardwood. 

You’ll find all types of furniture on offer. Seating options include chairs, sofas, benches, and loungers. All seating options come with comfortable cushions, as well as optional pillows.

Tables can be made as dining or coffee tables; there are even authentic barrels, and half barrels. Furthermore, the company also offers a range of decking options, as well as blackboards, display boards, and a range of custom-made signs. 

The luxury furniture designs are all customizable to suit your needs, which makes them an ideal solution to for any outdoor event. Prices are extremely competitive compared with standard furniture hire, and more importantly, you’ll be able to choose from way more original designs.

So if you’re looking spruce up your backyard, porch or veranda for a special occasion, and you like the idea of renting beautiful hand-made designs, then check out the best trendy party and event furniture hire.

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