Using Aluminium Loading Ramps Safely, Effectively and Responsibly.  


When it comes to moving heavy vehicles and equipment, you need a strong, durable and long-lasting loading ramp that you can rely on. You need something that is relatively lightweight and easy to transport / attach, though of course you want something that is going to be able to washstand a certain amount of weight.

aluminiumAluminium is the material that we could recommend for loading ramps, as the alloy is both incredibly durable and relatively lightweight. In addition to that, aluminium is aesthetically attractive and incredibly easy to maintain. This is why it’s used for SureWeld loading ramps and even SureWeld aluminium trailers.

In this post we are going to focus on aluminium loading ramps and how best to use them. Of course, as with anything, there are certain dangers and so you should always take extra care, particularly when loading heavy equipment and vehicles. In order to maintain the safety of yourself, your colleagues and your equipment, we have put together a quick and simple guide to ensure that nothing will go wrong when loading equipment.

1 – Triple Check You’re Attachments

When you attach your ramp, ensure that it is tightly secured to your trailer / van. This is absolutely paramount, as the last thing that you need whilst loading heavy equipment is for the ramp to slip loose. Most ramps will come with a safety chain / straps or some other form of safety application. Triple check!

2 – Reverse Up!

aluminiumThis may not always be the case, but if your vehicle does have rear wheel drive then be sure to reverse up. This will alleviate any potential risk of your vehicle tipping backwards when going up a steep gradient. Just assess the situation and be careful not to rush! Plan your entry and then execute it with precision.

3 – As Low to the Ground as Possible

Again, this is not always possible, but endeavour to keep the gradient of your ramp as low to the ground as possible. Naturally, the steeper the gradient the more likely your gear is going to tip, slip or fall. Fortunately, most high-quality ramps will come with anti-slip surfaces to make it much easier and safer to use.

4 – Don’t Drive off the Ramp!

truck ramp  The most important one of all; staying on the ramp! It might sound silly, but this is exactly why you need to take your time and ensure that you are lined up properly, so that you shouldn’t have to manoeuvre or change direction once on the ramp. If you rush it, you’re likely to come off the ramp or have too much weight to one side which could cause all sorts of problems.

Again, the most important thing of all is that you take your time and plan your approach. With a high-quality aluminium ramp, you shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever. They are designed to withstand the weight and accommodate the entire process with ease, though that’s not to say that things can’t go wrong if you’re not careful.