What Does it Mean to You to Have a Minimalist Home? 

Minimalist Home

Our modern lives can be very cluttered affairs, with countless unneeded possessions littering our homes and a huge volume of people, cars and sensory noise in the outside world.  It is to this end that many people choose to embrace the ideals of minimalism for their homes to try and reduce the clutter of their lives and therefore their minds.  Those that support the ideas often report a stronger sense of calmness and peacefulness in such spaces, but as with everything in life, it is not for everyone.  True minimalism is quite a severe change from what many of us are used to, but that does not mean that there aren’t things we can take from these ideals and use them to improve our homes and lives.

Keeping it simple

At its core, minimalism promotes simplicity.  The meeting of clean edges and interlocking geometry that is not cluttered with unnecessary angles, shapes and other design elements.  The colours are kept light, with white often being the dominant choice to allow carefully chosen lighting to accentuate the space and promote the beauty and simplicity found in the emptiness.  This allows the core focus to be placed on the space, rather than a sensory overload of displayed possessions or many items of furniture; something that would only serve to clutter the beauty and openness of the space.

minimalist interiorOnly what you need

This onus by the designers to keep things clean and simple can be carried over to many different aspects of life, not just buildings.  In fact, there are many items that can arguably claim to be minimalist in design and can perfectly compliment a minimalist layout for your home without stripping away everything.  This is where stepping away from true minimalism can be a more inclusive approach for the mass market as items of furniture, designs of carpet and tiles as well as many other things you can find in your home can encompass this thinking.  Minimalist furniture will usually come in a clean, neutral colour, such as white or beige, and utilise woods and materials that promote this styling.  Fantastic examples of this can be found in abundance online from retailers such as Circle Design, who are dedicated to this philosophy.  But it doesn’t matter how minimalist your choices of furnishings are, if you still use too many of them.  This is why you should really ask yourself if you need this item, and if not, why is it still here.

minimal room

Clear space, clear mind

Ultimately whether or not this idea appeals to you comes entirely down to personal preference.  For many of us, displaying our possessions is akin to displaying our life’s experiences, but there is always a limit and beyond that lies chaos.  Ensuring that your home is minimalist may not feel as warm and comforting as being surrounded by memories, but you should really dig deep and wonder if you truly need certain things.  Removing the clutter and noise from your home can really help you feel calmer, but it also has to be what feels right for you.