What Makes a High Quality Car Audio System Better? 

In car, entertainment is a market that is growing exponentially with the rise of devices such as in-car DVD players being very popular and now it is even possible to stream internet-based television services straight to your car with the right equipment.  There are a whole host of other technological wonders that we are starting to expect in our cars; gone are the days of using a cassette to 3.5mm audio jack connector (yes that is a real thing) or even burning CD’s for your car.  It is a standard assumption that music can be streamed directly from your smartphone to your car’s speakers, either via Bluetooth or a direct connection.  So if it is commonplace to play the ever growing collections or digital music or streaming services from our phones, then it is understandable that the speakers and audio system that will be playing it will be placed under scrutiny.

 car audioStock or not

Stock audio systems in cars are not bad, not by a long mark, but all the latest ones were designed primarily with playing the radio in mind.  Radio is transmitted over FM as a standard and consequently is not of the highest quality.  This results in stock car speakers being very passable, but nothing incredible, especially when digital audio is introduced.  For many people, this may not be an issue, but for people who love their music and proper audiophiles, this will not be enough.

It’s all in the features

The biggest difference high quality audio systems bring to the table is the number of features and functionality they contain.  Higher spec systems will come with a lot of extra features that a stock system will probably be lacking, things like high definition led displays, the ability to fine-tune your speakers more precisely, built-in access to streaming services and digital radio, better connectivity to your smartphone and many more.  These features give the user a far greater amount of flexibility and subsequently a better overall user experience.

car audio system

What about the speakers?

Of course, simply processing sound in higher quality isn’t enough to make it sound better on its own, you have to consider the speakers and amp as well.  Speakers and amps are the crux of generating your high-quality sound in your car and you should give careful consideration to their capabilities and ensure that your chosen audio system can not only work with them but take full advantage of their power.  This will require a bit of research on your part, but it will be worth it when your new system is installed and working

How much you love your audio in your car will determine how interested you are in upgrading your cars sound system.  But should you wish to upgrade your car audio system, it is always recommended that you seek out a local expert to carry out the fitting to ensure your car is given the best before your new audio system gives you its best.