The Two Most Important Considerations When Buying a 4×4 Roof Rack 

4x4 Car

Taking care of your 4×4 is never an easy task, these vehicles are usually heavily used and worked hard, meaning that they can get very dirty very quickly.  The outside can usually be easily washed and cleaned without a huge amount of effort, but keeping the inside clean is a very different story.  Carpets and upholstery attract mud and assorted dirt constantly, so keeping them clean poses a real challenge.  You can attempt to hoover and scrub the dirt from your seats, but there is a better way to preserve the beauty and style of your vehicle – protection!  As with most things these days, if you buy 4×4 accessories online, make sure they carry the safety and quality marks for your country and do not pose a fire or health risk.  remember , cheap is rarely better and often the lower price is at the cost of quality.

Car Floor Mats Floor mats

It is honestly a good idea to have mats in any vehicle as the carpet in cars have to put up with a lot over their lifespans.  This is especially true of the drivers position as the point where the drivers foot sits to use the pedals will wear down a lot quicker than you expect and a mat will help protect this.  They are also a great way to easily clean the floor as muddy boots can leave as many marks on the mats as they like and you can simply remove the mats and clean them, in fact many are machine washable, making this even easier.  Just make sure that you remove the worst of the mud and debris before putting them in the washing machine or you may risk breaking it.

Seat covers

Another simple but effective accessory that will save you hours of scrubbing your car; seat covers are exactly what they sound like.  In their simplest form, seat covers are simple fabric covers made to the fit over all of the seats in your 4×4, but there are more than just basic ones available.  You can get seat covers that have heating filaments build into them so that you can heat your seat when it is cold by plugging them in to the 12v port in your car.  There are also massaging covers that have a variety of small vibrating bumps in them to simulate a feeling of having your back massaged.  Obviously these two are more of a novelty than a method of keeping your seats clean, but like the mats, most fabric covers are machine washable.

seat cover

Fabric spray

There are products out there designed specifically to protect fabric against dirt, water and other sources of staining.  These usually take the form of a spray that you can apply to the fabrics in your car and this will provide a degree of protection, but in all honesty as good as these products can be, they do not compare to a cover.